2021 Spring Culture and Identity Envoy Rashi Singhal Temple Rome Temple Semester

Final reflection on my semester in Rome

In this video, Rashi Singhal, Spring 2021 Culture & Identity Envoy at Temple Rome, reflects on what she learned about identity, diversity, and the experiences of historically marginalized groups in a global context.

Studying abroad during the Spring 2021 semester was the best experience I have ever had. However, my experience was especially unique because not only did I study abroad during a pandemic, but I also received the incredible opportunity to be a part of Temple University Rome’s Culture and Identity Envoy Program. 

Through this program, I was able to explore race, politics, and identity through a global lens. I learned a lot about my identity as well. It was interesting to hear stories from the immigrant population and compare their experiences to my own parents experiences of being an immigrant. This program also encouraged me to find pieces of home, even while being in a new country. 

It was nice to have a safe space to reflect on all the excursions I went on as an Envoy student. My roommate, Eniolaye, was the other Envoy in this program, and we often found ourselves talking about race and identity weeks after the excursions. 

Thank you Temple University Rome for allowing me the opportunity to experience Rome through a unique lens!

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