2022 Fall Chason Rice Culture Temple Japan Temple Semester

Exploring the marvels of Odaiba

Aubrey Drake Graham said it best. “You only live once, that’s the motto…YOLO.” My goal as a music business student is to really explore and experience all aspects of art and music while I am living in Tokyo. There will always be work to do, but I feel like it is important to be available to explore the marvels of modern art. So, my classmate Mason suggested we check out an island that was created by humans. Stacked on pallets, Odaiba is an artificial island that can only be accessed via Japan’s Rainbow Bridge or the futuristic Yurikamome train. Odaiba is the spot for high-tech entertainment.  

Our first step was to stop by TeamLab Planets Tokyo, an interactive modern art museum that is every influencer’s dream. Mason and I decided to start exploring and take some pictures while we waited for our classmate Gary to arrive before we checked out the rest of the museum.   

Team Lab Planets Tiktok Video Part I

We spent some time taking in The Infinite Crystal Universe. This interactive artwork’s goal was to express the universe through accumulated lights that spread infinitely in all directions. It was like standing in a room full of stars. The lights would fade to black as if a star had gone out.  We made sure to take plenty of pictures and just take time to reflect on the art. Yet once Gary arrived at the TeamLab Planet Tokyo the party really started.   

Team Labs TikTok Part II

When we got to the portion of the exhibit known as the “Dance of the Koi and People” it brought me to one of my favorite games as a child, Kingdom Hearts. One of the main themes of this game is the strength of the heart and the power of friendship. Cliché I know, but if you are going to study abroad it is important that you surround yourself with individuals who not only will give you a new perspective but be willing to try new things with you and create a space to learn and grow together.  

After TeamLabs we learned there was one more thing that Odaiba was known for, the manufactured Unicorn Gundam, a statue to commemorate the series that began airing over forty decades ago. It changed the way the country viewed robots. The statue is a life-size replica standing over 81.3 feet tall and even lights up at night. We were in for a treat because we stepped outside, and a local J-pop group was putting on a live performance for an interactive audience. You never know what you will find unless you decide to get out with your squad and explore.  

Feel free to take the leap and check out Japan yourself. Meet your squad. Learn how you can study abroad in Japan here!

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