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Samantha’s Pacific Adventures: Studying Abroad in Samoa 

Hey everyone! My name is Sam and I studied abroad in Samoa during the Fall 2022 semester. I studied with an external program called SIT, or the School for International Training, in the program Samoa: Social and Environmental Change in Oceania. SIT’s model is around experiential learning, and fully immersing yourself in a new culture, which I definitely did. This is my vlog series about my time in the Pacific and the many ups and downs I experienced while studying abroad. As a student with mental health issues, I was scared to study abroad, but I didn’t let that stop me. Sometimes things were challenging, but also so rewarding. The hardest parts made me a stronger person and I am so thankful every single day that I decided to study abroad. Follow along with me as I experience a semester unlike any other. It was the most exciting and at times difficult, but ultimately the best semester of my life. 

Episode 1: Preparing to study abroad with mental health issues 

In this episode, Samantha prepares to study abroad in Samoa and discusses how it will affect her as a person with mental illnesses. 

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Episode 2: Hawaii: Stepping Stones to Samoa 

Sam begins the program in Hawaii and goes through orientation. She discovers that Hawaii is a nice transition into life in the Pacific. 

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Episode 3: Culture Shock 

Sam arrives in Samoa and experiences culture shock. She navigates new surroundings and adjusts after a bad case of food poisoning. 

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Episode 4: Living in the Moment 

The SIT students visit a conservation center and plant trees. They also do new things they never tried before like hiking to waterfalls. 

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Episode 5: Exploring Fiji 

Sam travels to Fiji where she is introduced to the wonderful and friendly Fijian culture. 

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Episode 6: Going Outside my Comfort Zone 

Sam and the other students travel to the village of Amaile where they have homestays. Sam details her experiences of having a host family. 

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Episode 7: Connecting With Nature 

Sam discovers the power of connecting with nature and its healing energy. 

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Episode 8: Savaii: Samoan Legends 

The SIT students had their last excursion in Samoa’s biggest island of Savaii. They learned about Samoa’s history and legends. 

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Episode 9: Holidays Away From Home 

Sam discusses the struggles of being away from home during the holidays and how she and the other SIT students made the most of it. 

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Episode 10: Doing Research 

Sam gives a brief introduction into the process of doing a research project in an international country. 

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Episode 11: Queer Conversations 

Lena Kennel discusses her research and experiences as a lesbian in Samoa. 

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Episode 12: Last Days in Samoa 

The SIT students make the most of their final days in Samoa. 

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Episode 13: Returning Home 

Sam reflects on her semester abroad and how she feels to be back at home in the U.S. 

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