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Sweet farewell: Exploring the flavors of Merida’s gelato scene  

Throughout my study abroad journey in Mexico, I’ve cherished every opportunity to delve into serious and cultural topics, enjoying the chance to analyze my experiences and organize my thoughts and everything I learned through my blogs. But as I write my final blog (before the reflection) about the end of my adventure in Mexico, I want to conclude on a more sweet note, one that will leave taste buds dancing with delight. And so, it’s time to reveal a quirky tradition of mine – a tradition dedicated to the world of sweet ice treats. You see, I have a sweet tradition that I’ve upheld in every country I’ve studied in– on the last days of my study abroad, I indulge in ice cream. It’s a small but cherished ritual that encapsulates the joy of discovery and hides the bitterness of farewells with its sweetness.    

My roommate with her dropped gelato on our last night in the streets of Rome, a hilarious memory we’ll cherish forever🍦😄  

In Rome, my previous study abroad destination, I embarked on a memorable final gelato escapade with my roommate the night before we had to leave Rome, who inadvertently dropped her cone – something we laugh about to this day. In Japan, the morning before my flight, I treated myself to a delightful custard pudding-flavored ice cream, savoring every spoonful. And in Merida, Mexico, my current study abroad location, on my last day, I strolled down Paseo Motejo, the main street of Merida, heading toward my favorite gelateria, Dulcería y Sorbetería Colón, where the finest gelato and sorbet in the world awaited me. Yes, you heard that right—surpassing even the revered Italian gelato. (Please, gelato enthusiasts, spare me the wrath; it’s just my humble opinion.) So, in my grand finale, I’ve decided to dedicate it to my sweet tradition and the kaleidoscope of flavors that adorned my time in Merida. In the simple act of savoring each scoop, I’ve not only discovered the diverse flavors of Merida but also the richness of cultural experiences that make this journey so remarkable. So, grab a spoon, let your taste buds wander, and indulge with me in the world of frozen delights, where each flavor tells its own tale.  

Strawberry: A Festive Fusion

A scoop of strawberry red wine gelato served on a corn leaf, blending flavors and traditions in a delightful frozen treat🍓🍷🌽   

I remember my first gelato in Merida vividly. It was during a Corn Festival in Merida, dedicated to the cherished staple of Mexican cuisine—corn. Now, I’ve had my fair share of unique ice cream flavors, from the soy sauce ice cream I savored in Japan to the exotic gelato flavors of Rome. But the idea of red wine-infused strawberry gelato was a first for me. Intrigued, I ordered a scoop, and to my surprise, it was served on a corn plant leaf, connecting back to the theme of the festival. With each spoonful, the sweetness of strawberries merged gracefully with the subtle notes of red wine, creating a harmonious union of flavors. As I savored the gelato, the corn leaf became a symbolic link to the land’s rich agricultural history and the ancient Mayan traditions that honored corn as a sacred crop.  

My all-time favorite strawberry sorbet, a taste of nostalgia and pure sweetness that lingers in my heart to this day🍓🍧😍  

Also, on a small note, strawberry is my favorite flavor, and I couldn’t have been more delighted when I discovered the best strawberry sorbet here in Merida at Dulcería y Sorbetería Colón, my favorite place. I have had my fair share of strawberry ice cream and sorbets across Italy, Japan, the United States, South Korea, and beyond. Who would have thought that amidst my globe-trotting pursuits, the most unforgettable and exquisite taste would await me in the heart of Merida?  

Me with another strawberry gelato with milk in front of the IFSA office, where my study abroad journey in Mexico was managed, establishing a complete blend of flavors and unforgettable experiences🍓🥛🌟   

Pineapple: A Tropical Delight

Me savoring a pineapple sorbet during a late-night stroll to the gelateria, where its enchanting doors stay open until almost midnight, allowing a delightful moment with friends that linger long after the sun sets🍍🌃 🌙

As my gelato escapade in Merida continued, I couldn’t resist the allure of pineapple gelato—a flavor that perfectly embodied the essence of Mexico’s tropical paradise. Like a burst of sunshine in every spoonful, the pineapple gelato transported me to the beautiful beaches of Merida. As I savored the pineapple gelato, memories of enjoying this succulent fruit across Mexico flooded my mind. My fondness for pineapples had grown during my stay in Mexico, especially when I ate them for breakfast each morning. This tropical fruit symbolized more than just a delicious treat—it represented the warmth of Mexican hospitality and the vibrant spirit of the country’s people. As I savored the pineapple gelato, I felt a sense of gratitude for the unforgettable moments shared with friends and the experiences that enriched my study abroad journey. The first fruit that comes to my mind when I think of Mexico and Merida is pineapples now. 

Lemon: A Zesty Surprise

Here is my giant lemon ice slushy from a stand in Plaza Grande as temperatures soared past 100°F in Merida that day, a refreshing and much-needed ice treat to beat the scorching heat!🍋☀️🥤🥵  

One hot day at Plaza Grande in Merida, I sought refuge in the tangy refreshment of a lemon-flavored slush. Though not a gelato or ice cream, it’s still a sweet ice treat. This delightful treat was a zesty surprise that offered much-needed relief on a very, very hot day. I was literally melting. The experience at the bustling weekend market was an adventure in itself, highlighting the spontaneity of discovery during my time in Merida.    

My last lemon gelato in Merida, a bittersweet taste of goodbye and a burst of tangy delight🍋🍦😢   

As a fan of lemon-flavored desserts, I had tasted lemon gelato in various countries, each offering a unique twist on this timeless flavor. While I cherished the lemon sorbet in Italy, the Merida sorbet held its own appeal, perfectly complementing the scorching weather and adding a zest of excitement to my culinary journey. It was also my last gelato flavor in Merida, marking the end of my sweet and unforgettable journey.   

Mango: A Flavorful Farewell

My friend with her mango gelato and me with my lemon, sharing a sweet goodbye as we savor the last moments at our favorite gelato place in Merida🥭✨❤️  

As my time in Mexico drew close, I shared my last gelato with a friend at Dulcería y Sorbetería Colón. While I opted for lemon sorbet, my friend chose mango—a flavor that symbolized the sweet taste of our friendship. Mangos had also accompanied me throughout my trip, along with pineapples, not only as a popular fruit in Mexico but also as a constant presence in the vibrant markets and streets of the city. The spicy mangos with tajin seasoning were a delightful reminder of Mexico’s diverse and flavorful culinary offerings. As I got to have a taste of my friend’s mango sorbet, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the memories we had created together during our study abroad journey. Our last gelato served as a sweet farewell to Merida, a culmination of cherished moments and the promise of continued friendship beyond borders.  

Symphony of Sweet Memories

My classmates relishing in their delicious cups of gelatos, sorbets, and champolas (Appetizing Mexican delicacy that is made from milk and natural fruit turned into ice cream), sharing laughter and happiness and creating lasting memories together in Merida🍨😄
Smiles and icy delights as my classmates enjoy lime and pineapple with chili popsicles after a Sunday bicycle tour of the city, a memorable part of our study abroad program (which you can read more about in my classmate Jam’s blog as she talks more about the bike ride around the city) 🚴🍦  

In the sweetness of each scoop, I found a taste of Merida’s heart—the warmth, the hospitality, and the cherished memories shared with its people and friends. As my study abroad journey drew to a close, I embraced the bittersweet farewells, knowing that the flavors of Merida would forever linger in my heart—a culinary symphony that I would carry with me on every adventure yet to come. From the unexpected harmony of strawberry and red wine to the tropical delights of pineapple, lemon, and mango, Merida’s gelato scene provided a sensory journey like no other. As I bid farewell to this charming city and reflect on my time in Merida, I carry with me the tastes and stories that will forever make my time in Merida unforgettable. I find solace in knowing this sweet farewell is just the beginning of a lifelong appreciation for the world’s frozen delights and the remarkable journeys they lead us on. So, here’s to the joys of exploration, the beauty of cultural exchange, and the sweetness of a journey that had come full circle in the world of frozen delights. Until we meet again, Merida!  

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My ice treat journey continues as I enjoy ice cream the moment I step off the plane to the US, indulging in Korean ice cream🍦✈️🌎

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