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Preparing for UK: Another study abroad journey awaits!

Hello, everyone! I’m thrilled to be back for another round of sharing my study abroad experiences. I hope you enjoyed my blogs from Mexico. This time, I’ve landed in the UK, where I’ll be studying at the University of East Anglia. It’s an exciting moment as I sit down to write this blog post, getting ready for my fourth study abroad adventure. 
The days are swiftly counting down to my departure, and the sense of adventure is building within me. My bags are nearly packed, my to-do lists are organized, and the nerves and excitement are in equal measure. Leaving the comfort of home and embarking on a new academic and cultural experience is always both thrilling and nerve-wracking. 

My packed bag for the UK (with a good luck sticker from Japan)! Bringing one large suitcase and a small carry-on. From my study abroad experiences, one valuable lesson: always pack LIGHT! 

One aspect that adds a unique layer of excitement and nerves is the fact that this is my first exchange program. Unlike my previous study abroad experiences, which were all part of Temple University’s programs, this time I’ll be navigating a new academic environment with students from completely different backgrounds. The transition from familiarity to uncharted territory is a thrilling but somewhat intimidating step. It’s an opportunity to broaden my horizons academically and personally, and I can’t wait to embrace it. 

The amount of independence in this experience is both thrilling and intimidating. A lot of the preparation for the study abroad process was very independent than previous times when the Temple study abroad helped me through every step of it. This time, I had to do everything by myself. I am ready to embrace this opportunity for personal growth. As I’ve learned from past experiences, it’s often during these solitary adventures that we discover strengths we never knew we possessed. 

If you were perhaps curious about what I was up to after my time in Mexico, I headed to LA for a conservation workshop, applying what I learned in Mexico and my other study abroad experiences. Excited to see how the UK will further shape my path! 

While I will be only studying economics (my other major) in the UK, as an art history major, one of the most exciting aspects of my upcoming journey is the opportunity to explore the renowned Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, an art museum right here at the University of East Anglia. I have the incredible opportunity to work at the conservation lab at the Sainsbury Centre this semester. This is an excellent opportunity for me, as it aligns perfectly with my desired future profession of becoming an art conservator. Working in a conservation lab will allow me to gain hands-on experience in preserving and restoring artistic treasures. What makes this experience even more special is the chance to compare conservation practices between the UK and the US. It’s a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field and gain insights into different approaches to art preservation. I am excited to grow academically and professionally this semester!

While the academic aspect and exploring the new university is undeniably thrilling, I’m also eager to immerse myself in the UK’s rich tapestry of culture, from savoring traditional British dishes to engaging with locals and understanding their perspectives on British culture and history. Every facet of this adventure beckons me, and I look forward to the stories and experiences ahead. And of course, I’m more than ready to acquire my British accent! 

Prepping for the UK in style: Sipping tea, channeling my inner Bridgerton, and mentally preparing for my study abroad adventure!📺☕ Off to practice my posh British accent!😂 

As I prepare for my flight and finalize the last-minute details, I’m grateful to have you as my companions on this pre-departure adventure. Stay tuned for more updates as I embark on this journey, and together, we’ll explore the beauty and challenges of venturing into the unknown, whether it’s in the university, the museums, or the streets of the UK. 

The countdown to my UK study abroad adventure has begun, and I can’t wait to share the unfolding story with you. As someone who has studied extensively all over the world, I’d like to end this blog by echoing the last sentiment from my first blog about preparing to go to Mexico: “I hope that by reading about my experiences, others will be inspired to step outside of their comfort zones and explore the world around them.” I believe there is a huge value in studying in a new location and by reading my experience, I hope it encourages you to do so as well! 

Learn how you can also study abroad in the UK next year! 

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