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The Gift of A Dean

When you reach a university or college, it’s typically expected that you become more independent and less reliant on adults around you. The adults who help us college students release stress and feel supported become so much more memorable because of these expectations. Being engaged in an environment where you feel supported, seen, and valued in college is an invaluable experience, and Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) has a fearless leader who makes sure that college life is fun and there’s a sense of community. For all who become interested in and attend TUJ, Dean Matt Wilson will likely make an impact on this experience. I spent a lot of time worrying about the future of what my time at TUJ could be like during the middle portion of my junior year. Still, within my first two weeks at TUJ, Matt (He likes students talking to him on a first-name basis) and the student activities team made the impression that they’ll go to great lengths to make sure that students feel welcome.

Dean Matt Wilson visits Temple’s Main Campus!

Dean Wilson with TUJ Alum Peer Advisors

I first met the dean at the TUJ information session that I attended in March of this year. I gained so much knowledge about how my summer as a TUJ student would be an opportunity to try new things and meet new people. It seemed like an excellent opportunity to live and be perceived differently than I am in Philadelphia. The ability to create a welcoming environment is a skill that great leaders take pride in, and Matt made sure that beginning the summer college semester was fun and exciting for everyone. The main building of TUJ was decked out on behalf of introducing people to a tight-knit and kind community. Matt and his team fed us and made sure we felt cared about. Even Hooter was there in all his glory!

Welcome Week Summer 2023

Hooter with me and my friend Adam!

As I settled into the TUJ community, I felt quite excited about the opportunities that would be available to me, as I learned about the culture of the school and felt cared for and valued by the community. The two Dean’s Destress Days I was present for made me so happy. “I love feeding students,” said Matt at the most recent TUJ information session. I could tell in June and July that this was a very valued tradition, as we received free sandwiches for the first day, and ice cream and Ramune for the second event. Dean Wilson makes many efforts to make sure TUJ students feel supported and appreciated. He is a gift to the community and his leadership style and actions create such a unique and delightful experience.

Sports & Games Night

Sports and Game Night, a welcome week activity in the West Gym!

After signing up for some summer events, I looked forward to the sports and game night as an opportunity to play some basketball, and the Dean joining us was such a cool experience. I learned about how skilled he was very quickly, as he put up many points on us. During game breaks, we learned about his time as the president of the University of Akron and stories of how he enjoys engaging in athletic and recreational activities with TUJ students. He had us guess his age and told us about his oldest kids to help us make a more accurate guess. That night was the end of my first week as a TUJ student and I left as an even bigger fan of the Dean than before.

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