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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Phew! After two taxi rides, two bus rides, and one plane ride, I have made it in a one-piece-exhausted state  to Oviedo, Spain from Granada in southern Spain. It has a been a long Semana Santa, filled with traveling, and I have to say I’m kind of relieved to be finished with all the bus, taxi and plane hopping we’ve been doing. It is a little bit bitter sweet though in many ways. First off, this means I’m less than 1 month away from the end of this program, which is terrible news. I’m completely dreading the end of this semester, it went insanely fast, I can’t even begin to explain! Not to mention next semester will be a slap in the face with getting out of the groove of the care free study abroad student into the not so free one I will have at Temple. Although I knew it would fly by, its sad to think back of the first week in Madrid and how much fun we had. I really can’t believe how far away that is! But, la vida es así and so I’m ready to make the most of these last couple weeks :]

The end of Semana Santa is also bitter sweet for the obvious reason that it was so unbelievably amazing, and I have had added quite a decent bundle of new wonderful memories and new friends from all over the world to my study abroad collection (Shout out to La Familia, Emily Amy Dana Sam and Steve!). Our 11 day city hopping adventure has been incredible, from Valencia, to Sevilla, to Málaga, to Granada, I became so accustomed to our adventures together and literally spending 24/7 together, we all really did become just like a little nomadic family.

So, I obviously have fallen way behind on the blogging, and this started before Semana Santa. My excuse, take it for what you will, is just how crazy busy I have been! Right before these crazy, travel packed 11 days through the southern half of Spain (I went from Valencia to Sevilla to Málaga, to Granada) my PARENTS came to visit from the U.S. which was AMAZING, I feel like the luckiest girl to have been able to have my parents visit me and see what I have been up to and why I’m so in love with this place. It will certainly help them understand when I’m home from Spain and depressed… Anyways, I did some pretty cool stuff with them too, like road-tripping the northern coast of Spain to Lourdes, France, and lots of fun cultural things to help them get to know my life here. And of course meeting my host mom and my boyfriend and his family! ANYWAYS, all of these busy bee weeks  combined with finishing up work for school have completely left no time for blogging, BUT, good news is, all of these fun adventures that kept me away mean I have lots of fun stuff to blog about. So here is how I’m going to do this, I figured I will first back-track and cover everything from when my parents were here, then I will post blogs about all of the different cities that I visit in Southern Spain! Granted, this will take oodles of time, so please be patient and I hopefully will be bringing out a steady string of adventure filled blogging! ¡Hasta ahora!

just posted this for fun-- napolitana chocolate mmm!My two best friends and me enjoying spring time in Oviedo!

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