2012 Summer Gabrielle Smarr Temple Rome

This may be a little over-due…

Sometimes I think that I did something and I actually didn’t. One of those confusing times where you swear you did it…but, actually…you didn’t, you just wanted to. I think that I get this from my mother. Sorry, Mom. I’m only 22…I should not be this scatterbrained. Anyway, what I meant to do before when I didn’t was post pictures from Saint Peter’s Basilica. The first time I was there was with our graphic design class and Mr. Paul Sheriff. It was an interesting time. First we got there around 8 am and didn’t know that on Wednesdays, the Pope comes out and speaks to a large crowd of people. Our tired little feet were dragging around the square. Luckily, it didn’t rain, which was a miracle in the first two weeks of us being here. It seems like we were rained on the whole time now. It probably only actually rained about 4 times maybe…which I’ve been told is uncommon anyway. No rain, all sun. So being there early, we went back to work and came back later.

When we got back, the line wrapped all the way around the square. Paul was saving a spot for us in line though. We spotted him waiting somewhere around the end and kept him some company. While we were in line, I saw a couple in their spiffy wedding attire and me and my love for weddings, I couldn’t help but dart out and ask them if I could take their picture. It was definitely an interesting conversation. They didn’t really speak any English, and I felt pretty fly whipping out a business card..sadly I did not think they wouldn’t email me..It was definitely a shoot that I’ve never experienced before. Little English, mostly body language direction. It was short lived..and I’ll always kick myself for not getting “the shot”. I also do this thing where I get rushed and my mind blanks out..I just do what comes first. I DIDN’T GET A SHOT WITH THE BASILICA IN THE BACKGROUNDDDD!!!! This to me is a tragedy. I literally wallowed in that all day. I just didn’t do it. All I had to do was ask them to turn around and bam! it would have been AMAZING. Just didn’t do it. But at least I asked if I could take a wedding shot in Italy in Saint Peter’s Square…I still have that.

When we finally got to the front, Paul was pretty excited about the guards’ outfits. They were designed in the 1400s and are still used today. I would probably hate that job. Standing outside in the sun all day in a goofy outfit while every person stops as they pass to take your picture. However, I did not disappoint here. I too took the picture.

Inside the basilica is really amazing. Every detail is considered. Before we did anything we walked to the top of the dome. SO many steps. All different kinds too, they mix it up so you don’t get bored. You can pay a little extra if you want to take the elevator, but what fun is it without a little burn? And stink. We were stuck behind a pretty large group of teenage boys that were most likely in the process of becoming men. They had that I’m-just-realizing-my-body-smells-when-I-sweat kind of stink to them. No deodorant…but then again I noticed that a lot here. I don’t know what people have against the stick. Who knows, but we made it. In the top you can walk into the dome and see mosaics all the way around. After that, you can continue to climb and you get to a wrap around area on the top where you can see all of Roma. It’s really beautiful. Although, don’t really expect to have a super personal experience up here, there’s pretty much no elbow room…not really even breathing room, as you and everyone else are crammed around the walk trying to sneak a peak at the city.

Inside Saint Peter’s will not disappoint. It’s free if you just want to see Saint Peters, which is amazing. Everything is over the top. The walls, the sculptures, the ceilings, everything. I unfortunately didn’t shoot very much inside, but I plan on returning before I leave. It’s one of those places that you can always notice something new. I’d really love to get into the bottom where the tomb of Saint Peter is, but apparently you have to book that tour months in advance. Paul Sheriff has connections though…he got to see it.

And what would a post be without the night shot?

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