2012 Summer Gabrielle Smarr Temple Rome

Here’s to the night

For our last night in Roma together, we decided to go out the same way we came in. We visited the Pantheon and ate at a restaurant called Miscellanea. This restaurant has a history with the people that we traveled with. Mostly our graphic design class. The first time we were there, one of the girls in our group got the ugly duck seat..the awkward seat at the table that nobody else wanted. The owner..I believe his name is Mikka or Mikki, came over to her and moved her to a more comfortable seat. Then, he tried to get her on a date that night with his son, Romeo (how appropriate), and changed her name from Emiy to Emilia. He’s a really good guy. I think that he knew our professor, the restaurant is known for catering to students studying abroad. The wait staff was great as well. They gave us free sexy wine (wine made from strawberries, it’s sweet and fizzy), free lemoncello, and free ice cream bars. Mikki also thought he was being a clever matchmaker with my boyfriend and myself as he put our hands together on the table and gave him free drinks for “the husband and wife”. It’s somewhat funny to me that he’s about 6 years too late. Anyway, try the lasagna if you go there.  It’s good. As is the balsamic vinegar. Probably the best balsamic vinegar I’ve ever had. So we went to this restaurant again and everyone pretty much ordered the lasagna. We also got a pizza to share that would be pretty amazing right now. Yes, I’m hungry.

We also played whisper down the lane.

The awesome dinner, however, was not the highlight of the night for me. Which is unusual since I love food, but fireworks always trump food for me. I was most excited for these. Since dinner ran a little late, we ended up sprinting a few blocks to the river when we started hearing the explosinos. It was really amazing. You could see the reflection of all of them on the water and the silohettes of the boats out there. The fireworks were coming right up out of Castle San’Angelica.. It was all different kinds of fireworks too, not just a cheap show with Roman candles…heh..get it? I know..I’m sorry.

I only wish it would have lasted longer. It was also an amazing night because it was the first time this entire trip that a dog came up to me. She walked up and sniffed the end of my camera and licked the lens hood. I love dogs. I wish that all these swarms of people around were a bunch of K9s. That would be really great. Can you tell that I’m about at the end of my rope with these large herds of people around? Maybe I’m just a bitter old woman at heart, but I really just want a nice cool couch to watch SVU and eat thin Sicilian pizza from dimagios. Go USA. I know..enough. So as the night came to a close, the gang headed back to the residence to finish packing, say our goodbyes, and cry our eyes out. Not really the last part….yet.

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