2012 Summer Gabrielle Smarr Temple Rome

Climbing stuff in Scotland

I know this isn’t Rome or Italy location, but it’s abroad related and I believe that it’s definitely worth knowing areas that are accessible to people while they’re studying in Rome. Companies like Ryan air or even Megabus in the UK have cheap travel options. For hotel or hostel stay check out hostelworld.com. We found a few good deals there.

So…after everyone went their separate ways from Temple, we took a short trip away before our last days in Rome and visited the United Kingdom. And I loved it. Scotland is an amazing place. One of the cool things bout studying abroad in Europe in the summer is that you can go from the near 100 degree suffocating weather in Italy to the foggy, rainy PA fall weather in Scotland. And let me tell you…Scotland will never feel so good. We flew into the “Glasgow” airport  using RyanAir. A little heads up about this airport…it’s a pretty long haul from Glasgow. We were really lucky to be staying with two awesome people that we hadn’t even met until that night. My boyfriend knew Nick through the label that helped distribute his band’s record in the UK and this is the first they’ve met face to face. It was completely incredible to be in a house again and to put a cherry on top, Nick and Gemma, his girlfriend, have a pretty perfect cat named Baby. We really couldn’t have asked for a better stay in Scotland. Glasgow was a neat place to be. We really didn’t spend that much time there, but what we saw was great. A free museum, lots of cool shopping places, signs and prices in English, and a much needed break from Italian food…not that I’m knocking Rome. First day I got the typical fish and chips and mushroom and horseradish soup..it was amazing. We also ate a lot of Pringles and drank a lot of Coke while we were there. Be careful though…when dealing with the British Pound, right now, you’re spending 1.6 more than what you see on the price tag.

Best part of Scotland hands down was the landscape. I say this because I’m more of a landscape person than a city person. And the landscape here is amazing. Lakes (or Lochs), hills, mountains, sheep, cool accents, it’s all there. The city that we got a little glimpse of this in was Edinburgh. My main goal there was to climb up stuff. We decided when we got there that we were going to go up to the top of a monument in the center and check out what we could see. From there I saw some hills and mountains and a smaller hill that looked like it had the Parthenon on top of it. So we walked to that first. From that hill, we found out there’s a shore somewhere around that is supposed to have fossils, and the mountain that I saw and said I wanted to climb was actually possible. So we headed to the mountain and concurred it. Afterwards, rewarding ourselves with a few drinks and some food. The climb was amazing. One of my favorite things we did this summer.

Next day we headed to the shore, and although we didn’t find any fossils, it was still neat.

One of the nights we were there, we were lucky enough to see a show that Struggletown, the label that Nick’s involved with, was putting on a show. The place was called the Bloc I think and it had some pretty awesome pizza for cheaps. From here…was London.

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