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Under The Tuscan… Wait, Is This Real Life?


You know school is back in session when I have no time to blog until Friday night! The last week has been a complete blur of subway rides, awkward ice breakers, and espresso shots. But looking back I can tell there is no way I will ever be able to top how incredible this semester will be. I am a painting and ceramics major so all of my classes are (obviously) all art related, except Italian. But Italian is so beautiful I consider it art. The biggest change for me so far has been getting MY OWN STUDIO!!!

Seeing this for the first time was definitely comparable to seeing the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Vatican, and the gigantic wine rack at the grocery store COMBINED.

Anyone who has ever been forced to share a space with me has had to deal with the fumes of turpentine substitute and inconspicuous paint stains. Now I can keep them to myself! Well, me and James:

James has the studio across from mine. We’ve been friends since we were neighbors in our freshman dorm. I apologize in advance for my future messes!

I’ve made quite a few advancements in my  quality of life this week. For years now I’ve been a recovering caffeine addict (if there were a coffee drinkers rehab, my family would have held an intervention and signed me up by now). So I have been feeling the withdrawal this past week with no Mr. coffee on my counter. However! We do have this funny little espresso maker. So I did what any modern 21 year old would do in my situation. I you-tubed it.

This machine has three parts and no buttons. WHAT? Is this how cave men lived?

SUCCESS!!! (my advice: chase it with milk, this stuffs strong)

Now, I’m sure you’re pretty sick of these boring pictures and you only read this so you can see beautiful pictures of Italy, right? Well don’t worry! I got you covered! Another super exciting class I’m taking is Rome Sketchbook. The name essentially speaks for itself; we drive around Italy take a seat and draw whatever we want…. Um SIGN ME UP. Today we took a bus trip tooooo….. TUSCANY!

My life is complete. I officially beat Lizzie McGuire.

Just in case that image wasn’t clear enough, here are a few more!

Oh yea, you know I just roamed around Tuscania today, sketching and what not. No big deal. It was probably the most pleasant afternoon I’ve had in 21 years. First we stopped at an 8th century Etruscan church (where I bought my gma some adorable souvenirs). I sketched Corinthian columns and historic icons. After that we drove to the stone village of Tuscania and had lunch. My roomie and I had pizza!

This was mine! The egg was an unpleasant surprise, I really had no idea what I ordered. But you live and you learn!

Tonight my ROMEmates, neighbors, Ken-cyclopedia, and I had breakfast for dinner (and mimosas, of course). Tomorrow We’re (once again) relying on Kenny to somehow find our way to the beach. Should be an interesting adventure! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Buona Serata! (are my Italian classes working?!)


P.S- I ordered a sandwich IN ITALIAN at the Alementari around the corner and the owner of the store asked:

Owner: Oh! You Italian?!

Me: (Looking over my shoulder for the person he was obviously trying to talk to) ummm no?

Owner: Oh! You mama’s Italian!?

Me: Nooo. I have red hair?

Owner: Oh! you’re convincing!

My life = MADE. That makes 4 Italians mistaking me for one of them.

P.P.S- if you have any photos or content you’d like to contribute shoot me an e- mail!

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  1. Gma has tears! You bought me something in Tuscany! Having my wonderful granddaughter see the place I always wanted to see, is good enough for me. Love the blog and all your pictures. What a wonderful studio. Does it feel like a dream? I’m so happy for you.

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