Amy Franz Temple in Spain

Take a siesta for days

Take a siesta for days

When we first arrived at the hotel in Madrid, none of us had an idea as to what the sheet of metal slats were that was at the top of the balcony doorway. Sometimes it would fall down a little bit and we’d hit our heads on it on the way out. Then it hit us (no pun intended), that it was the blind for those who wanted it dark to sleep. You pull the blind down by pulling a rope in the wall on a type of pulley system. My roommates, Mollie and Emily, and I decided to test out the blinds one day by taking an hour nap. Well, the blinds worked so well that we ended up napping three hours in the middle of the afternoon instead! It may seem silly to compare the blinds in Spain to those in America, but I have truly never slept in such darkness in the middle of the day.

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