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Snow and over 60-degrees

Japan never ceases to amaze me. On Sunday, March 11th, Toyosu (where I live) had a festival of sorts. They had a truck that was a huge snow-maker. Yes, the truck made snow. They set up the snow in an area that they fenced in, and also filled a ramp with snow making a slide for sleds. Children and their parents were allowed to enter and make little snowmen and sculptures out of the snow. The children were given snow boots and gloves before entering, along with buckets and shovels you would play in the snow with. It was just like playing in the sand actually. Sunday was beautiful and sunny 60-degree weather. So the snow was more like ice, and was really easy to sculpt with the help of the buckets as molds. The girls and I made these towers of sorts, and Kokoro and Sakura also played on the sled ramp too. I think they had a lot of fun. It is weird though to think about never really playing in snow growing up. I guess it was something I took for granted from my childhood.

We made snow towers :)
We made snow towers 🙂

They also made this mound like shapes of snow that you could enter into. They were really cute. At night they put candles in the mounds. It was really beautiful. You could have your picture taken too, but I opted out of that, cause I was without my host family at that time. I usually am okay, but I had a language-loss-moment.

During the day they also had a kite area, where you could fly kites or make kites. At night they had telescoped set up and you could do some star watching. All in all it was a really cool set up.

Also this past week I went to Disney Sea. There was a discount for students, and I had some friends who were graduating from their schools celebrating by going to Disney. I couldn’t go until after work. So I went when there was a night discount. It was a lot of fun. I had met these friends when they came to my university for a month exchange term. I hadn’t been able to hang out with them since coming to Japan. Disney Sea was really pretty at night. With it being dark when I got there and everything lit up, it really did feel like a dreamland. I almost never want to go back so that I can keep this image forever. I know if I went during they day everything would look more fake. I loved my time there though!

Speaking of work , I work for a lady who gives small group lessons of English in her apartment. It is a really small job twice a week for about an hour and a half each time. I love it though! The students are so much fun to work with. I love teaching English, and spending time goofing off with kids. It is the best job I have ever had!

For White day one of my students gave me a gift!
For White day one of my students gave me a gift!


My class!
My class!

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