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Ahh the dreaded midterm week

Ok so unfortunately I’m going to have to apologize now about the duller blog post this time. The reason being is that this week was the dreaded midterm week! So instead I decided to focus on some of the common things to be seen around everyday Rome as well as the dreadfulness of studying. But first of all, I think I’ll begin with a little photo collage I created to portray the mood of the surrounding Catholic community throughout this whole commotion of the Pope stepping down.

IMG_3890Originally this picture was taken while doing street photography for my Photo I class, but while playing around on Photoshop, I decided to take picture of the Vatican from my explorations earlier in the summer. Look closely! You’ll see it!

IMG_3694So now I’ll show you all a little around the norms of Rome. This, first of all is a little boutique that is connected to a piazza. Here, you won’t find basically any department stores but rather smaller boutiques in square, alleys, and larger streets.

IMG_3842Another commonly found item on street corners are these little things. They are fountains that are constantly flowing water at all times. Believe it or not, the water that streams out of here is perfectly clean and drinkable! I always use it for rinsing my apples I eat for lunch, before walking down the street munching on them.

IMG_3696Here, is also something oh so common everywhere you walk. Even in the dead of winter, you see people eating outside of restaurants and cafes. Oh but don’t worry, there are the little heater things running that are supposed to keep you toasty. Though from my experience, they don’t do anything unless you are in the lucky spot directly next to it!

IMG_4154Alright, now here is the fun part of the week! Just kidding of course. This is a picture of one of my neighbors staying up late writing a paper.

IMG_4155Also, here are my other two neighbors studying the night away preparing for their midterms. As you can see, they were quite thrilled I was taking a picture of them.

IMG_4157Lastly, my papers as I prepare for my own Italian midterm. Not fun at all, but if you look closely on my computer you can see that ITunes is up, as music was the only way to get through all of this!

IMG_4163Thrilled that midterms are finally over, my friends are beyond happy and loving life! Next step: preparing for our spring break trip! 🙂

IMG_4190Ending the night right, we used the iPhone strobe light app to create a club within my neighbor’s room and had a little dance party of our own!

IMG_4202Finally, all packed and ready to leave for spring break! Anticipation and excitement is rising, as I get ready to venture to Barcelona, Madrid, and Portugal! So excited!!!!!

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