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As the Roman Days Dwindle…

I still am in complete shock over how close to the end we are. This semester for sure flew and it still hasn’t quite hit me how this is the last full week of classes before final critiques. But for you all’s sake, I’ll save most of the sentimental comments for my last and final post next week.

IMG_7168For the first half of our sketchbook class, we began to hang several of our drawing on the wall in order to get ready for the big art show that is at the end of the semester.

IMG_7172After we were done getting ready for the show, our teacher took us up to Villa Borghese to sketch for our last class. We stopped up on overhang in the park that overlooks Piazza del Popolo to draw for around an hour. It was great because I got to sit on the ledge and just look out over the whole city during this time!

IMG_7175Some decided to stand rather than dare sit on the edge, but either way, we all got to finally draw a piazza so familiar to us.

IMG_7187The day before our Italian oral final, our teacher took us out by the river to practice speaking to each other while also enjoying the beautiful day. At the end of this, we took this big group picture of both of her classes.

IMG_7269At the end of the semester is the huge Temple Rome art show. Each art class would get a wall to display their work on and it resulted in taking up almost the entire building! It was so cool to see what kind of work Rome inspired each person to make using so many different mediums. Here in this picture you can see the paintings done by my watercolor class.

IMG_7278Here is a picture of my friend Katie and her absolutely amazing self portrait that she painted. Many of the artwork was composed small, but for this particular painting class they were instructed to go large-scale.

IMG_7288After the gallery, most of us headed out afterwards to a bar. As you can see there were tons of us walking down the streets and for a second, with everyone walking like this, I felt like I was back on the streets of North Philly.

IMG_7306Visited the Spanish Steps one last time with my friend. It’s truly amazing how much more crowded everything is now that it’s no longer winter and tourist season is beginning.

IMG_7312This is Rome Baptist Church, which has totally become part of my Rome home this semester. I met so many other study abroad students here from other programs that I really enjoyed hanging out with as well in my free time!

IMG_7313While hanging out with my one friend on her last day, we went near the Capitoline building and got gelato. I chose strawberry, mango, and mixed berry, which was a winning combination if I say so myself! We ended up climbing to the top of the ‘Wedding Cake’ (this big white building that the Italians are apparently embarrassed by) and ate our gelato while looking out over the view of Rome.

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