2013 Spring Temple Japan

Love Locks, Parks and Monuments

During the weekdays that I spent in Busan, South Korea, I had time to myself until around 5 or so, when my friend Alex would get out of work. We’d come up with a train station exit to meet at, and before then, I would be free to roam Busan at my own leisure. Equipped with a map marked with circles and notes, I spent one of my days exploring the Nampo area.


The Lotte Department Store has a scenic viewpoint of the city. This is the view facing towards the city, and looking towards Busan Tower, a watchtower that I made my trek to later in the day. IMG_8916

There are fences at these overviews where couples leave locks to symbolize their love. Often the locks have names, dates and hearts scrawled on them.

IMG_8927 IMG_8926 IMG_8948

Bike lock heart – so cute!


View from the top of the Lotte Department Store, facing the sea.

IMG_8990 IMG_9018

There was also a “zoo” at the top of this department store. There were some pigs and bunnies.

It seemed wrong not to fill you in on that.

After this scouting, I headed towards Busan Tower. IMG_9122

Busan citizens’ bell pavilion


Flower clock

IMG_9137 IMG_9143

(L) statue of General Lee Sunsin (R) Cheongdongyongtap, a statue of a bronze dragon.


Busan Tower is pictured above. The ornate building also pictured houses a museum of musical instruments.IMG_9175

View from Busan Tower overlooking the citizens’ bell pavilion, flower clock, and statue of General Lee Sunsin


View from Busan Tower looking towards the harbor


Men playing a game outside of Busan Tower. There were lots of old men playing this game in Yongdusan Park, where the tower is located.


There were also more love locks attached to fences and benches surrounding Busan Tower.

The picture above is a photo shout out to my sister and brother – 2/26 is our birthday. I love and miss them and was thinking of them when I took this.

IMG_9147 IMG_9160 IMG_9148

After seeing the sights in Yongdusan Park, I took a trip farther north. I hopped in a cab, pointed at a spot on my map that read “Jung-ang Park,” and found myself on a scenic journey up some mountains. I hadn’t been in a car since my arrival to Japan in January, which was an odd realization for me to have.


Jung-ang (or Daecheong) Park turned out to be the location of the Monument to the Loyal Dead, a memorial to those that fought and died in the Korean War.


View from the top of Mount Daecheong

Just a few minutes away from this site is Minju Park Busan, also called Democracy Park.

IMG_9232 IMG_9235 IMG_9240

There are many sculptures and monuments located at Democracy Park.

IMG_9245 IMG_9248IMG_9255 IMG_9251

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