2013 Spring Temple Japan

BIFF, Jigalchi Fish Market and Taejongdae Park

After visiting many parks and memorials in the Nampo area of Busan, I made my way through the Gukje Market, BIFF Square and Jagalchi Market to meet up with Alex. We raced the sun and made it to Taejongdae Park before it got dark and ended our night there. Well, really we ended our night with takeout dumplings and a skype dance party with one of our other best friends from home, Amanda. And that was lovely. But pictures from that aren’t quite so lovely or impressive, so enjoy this in lieu of that.


There are many street vendors at Gukje Market


I made my way through BIFF Square, where the Busan International Film Festival is held


Site of the Busan International Film Festival


Jagalchi Fish Market

IMG_9342 IMG_9375 IMG_9349IMG_9332IMG_9350IMG_9359IMG_9344

After Alex and I met up, we raced to Taejondae Park before dark.IMG_9391

 IMG_9400 IMG_9401

Photo shout out to New Jersey and its shores and boardwalks. I cannot wait for our reunion.


View from the Taejongdae Park entrance of sun setting over water IMG_9425

Tea Kettle island is a small island that can be viewed from Taejongdae ParkIMG_9424

View from Taejongdae Park

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