2013 Spring Temple Japan

Cat Napping in Busan

I recently visited one of my best friends from home, Alex. She is teaching English in Busan, South Korea, because she’s amazing. By a wonderful stroke of good fortune, the flight from Tokyo to Busan is inexpensive. Through less fortunate circumstances, said inexpensive flight departed at 8 in the morning. This meant that I had to be at the airport hours earlier than that, in order to have time to check in and go through security – you know, the whole airport thing. My flight was on a Saturday morning and I have a night class that gets out at 7:20 on Fridays. So after my class I made my trek to the airport, and slept there for the night. Thank goodness that plan worked out and I was able to visit her successfully! That’s the short version of the story there. The longer version involves many train transfers and being kept up for most of the night by an automated voice that never ceases to stop announcing that this escalator goes up to the second floor, and asking you to please be safe, and then thanks you. And then being awoken by security and completely shocking them with my reason for being there. Yeah. Fun stuff.

Alex is beautiful, wonderful, funny, smart and has great taste in best friends from home. I love her so much and it was amazing to be able to visit her due to this remarkable coincidence that wound up with us in such a close proximity to one another whilst making our journeys through this side of the hemisphere. I was overjoyed to reunite with her, and we chatted several hours away, catching up until I became in desperate need of sleep due to the airport scenario I had recently experienced.

After that, we went to a cat café. Now, Japan has cat cafés but I had yet to check one out until now.


Instead of paying for the time spent at a cat café, customers pay for a drink. Then they have however long they so desire to hang out with the cats.

IMG_8752 IMG_8758

It is wise to keep an eye on your drink.


A wall of cats, ripe for the picking.

IMG_8713 IMG_8707

There’s a chance that I’m jealous of the fact that people make money from hanging out with their friends and a bunch of cats all day, taking pictures and making drinks. What a good life.


Illustrated instructions on how (not to) behave at the cat café.
Playing with the cats is encouraged as long as you are not mean to them or bothering them!


Good, quality fun.


Taking pictures of the cats is also encouraged.

Which is fantastic. Because I took many, many pictures.

Cat portraits… cat naps… sometimes both in the same picture! Enjoy!

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