2013 Spring Temple Japan

Enjoys Long Walks on the Beach and Having Staring Contests With Fish

I spent my last full day in Busan relaxing and enjoying wandering again by myself during the day and meeting up with Alex once she was done with work. First, I wandered the Hyundai area and made my way to Hyundai beach. It is well known for being packed with visitors during the summer, so it was nice to experience it during off-season. Instead of being very hot and crowded, it was a really lovely calm and beautiful day.

The Busan Aquarium is located at Hyuandai Beach, so when I’d spent a sufficient amount of time wandering along, I decided to  go and check out the aquarium. When I was finished there, I hopped on the train and met up with Alex at Gwangalli Beach. We were able to spend a few minutes walking along the water before it started to downpour, so we took shelter in a restaurant where we shared our last dinner together before my departure. Then we had a nice nighttime stroll along the beach before calling it a night.

At Hyuandai Beach:IMG_9470 IMG_9486IMG_9521IMG_9569

At the Busan Aquarium:


At Gwangalli Beach:


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