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Akita/Iwate: Last Day!

The last day of the road trip, we went to one last shrine (Takkoku no Iwaya Cave Temple), Gembikei Gorge,  and a beautiful spa (of which I have no photos, because we were essentially in the Onsen the entire time– no photos there!) before taking the long bus ride home.

Takkoku Temple:

1395360_697004123646147_647514200_n IMG_2627 IMG_2629 IMG_2631 IMG_2637 IMG_2645 IMG_2651 IMG_2662

Gembikei Gorge:

IMG_2676 IMG_2687 IMG_2688 IMG_2692 IMG_2694In the above photo, this house is where they would make dumplings, and then send them by a zip line-type thing from across the river and over to us. It was so cool!

Overall, the trip was a fantastic experience and it was very nice to get out of the big city for a while.

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