2013 Fall Beth Burns-Lynch Temple Rome

Student Fun

So this weekend Temple Rome held their annual Jam Session Show! This was an opportunity for students to come out and show off their talents in a fun school show. Not only did students come and show off their skills, there were Italian guests who came too!


There was such an amazing variety of student performances this year. Students did everything from singing, to skits, to even performing a song in sign language. You never knew just what was coming up next. The Italian guests were also entertaining, with an American woman who does stand up in Rome and several other Italian musicians playing as well. Even the Temple Rome merchandise got its time in the spotlight as students helped model it down the runway.


Of course, it was Ke$ha and Beyonce that really stole the show.

Later that week Temple students got back together to perform one more time at Scholars at an open mic night. That was a great break in the middle of the week papers were due to just all hang out and remember just why we all love this program so much, not just how much we all want to set everything on fire because of stress.


Not only was the Jam Session this week, but Temple Rome had a poetry reading by the amazing contemporary Italian poet Patrizia Cavalli. Listening to the differences in the poetic style of her translated Italian works and the English results was an interesting experience. She was an entertaining and engaging speaker, plus it was pretty funny to watch a room full of Italian speakers confused about what ‘bad ass’ meant and how to translate it for her to understand!


Continuing with the jam-packed week of awesome students, the Temple Rome art show was this week as well! Here the talented student artists displayed the pieces they’ve done during the semester, showing off their skills to all of Roma. Some even managed to sell some of their work!

All in all, this was a great week for the celebration of the students of Temple Rome and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Just when all of us thought we were just going to die of the stress of papers and the looming terror of finals, this week helped remind us all of how much fun we all have together.

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