2014 Spring Ani Bradberry Temple Japan

Exploring Tokyo: Roppongi

So begins our adventures into the complex city of Tokyo! We start with Roppongi, a famous and active area of Tokyo that is most well known for its nightlife. Since it is fairly close to the TUJ campus, a few friends and I decided to take the walk to see the neighborhood.


Roppongi is a corporate wonderland, loaded with entertainment venues and restaurants.


The neighborhood is a playground, with countless stores. The most incredible location was a pet store that housed some of the most adorable little baby puppies and kittens I’ve ever seen!


It was another day of beautiful weather, clear and cool.


My favorite scene was the temporary display of Louise Bourgeois’ “Maman” (1999), a huge, beautiful sculpture of a spider that loomed over the shopping center.


A sudden shift from our contemplative mood, we entered the infamous discount store “Don Quijote” (ドン・キホーテ). It is 7 floors of cheap, random items; an absolute madhouse of retail.


After giggling up and down the many floors of the strange store, we left the building and wandered a bit more, finding a lovely view of the Tokyo Tower.


Night fell and the true life of Roppongi was revealed, neon and bustling.


We stopped in a restaurant for a quick snack before heading home.


We found the Tokyo Tower once again, this time through a very different composition. It is a beautiful sight either way.


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