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Exploring Tokyo: Shimokitazawa

To continue our adventures through Tokyo, we visit one of the city’s hippest fashion-forward neighborhoods. Shimokitazawa has plenty of music venues, vintage clothing stores, and quaint food joints to make it one of the more popular areas for students and laid-back young crowds.


Most known for its used clothing stores, Shimokitazawa has dozens of little worlds to find great, cheap clothes and oddities.


The streets are lined with bins of discounted clothes; everything in this was only 100 yen (about $1)!


One of the more popular used clothing stores is Don Don Down on Wednesday (, offering very cool re-used finds from Tokyo’s closets.


An exciting difference from the high prices of other shopping neighborhoods, these stores are great for the wallet, especially the stores that offer every item for 990 yen or less!


Shimokitazawa is not just a hub of great used clothing, but also for those who are looking for interesting trinkets for their collections. For example, these vintage pins are from across Europe and America.


With the impressive amount of second-hand stores, there’s something for everyone.


It was nice to have a change of scene from the sometimes overwhelming atmosphere of the bustling city center of Tokyo. Of course, we had to stop to get some sweets.


The Japanese love their delicious pastries and confections, and waffles are no exception.


We ordered a green tea waffle, complete with delicious green tea ice cream. The waffle itself was unexpectedly crunchy, a very pleasant surprise!


My fellow TUJ semester abroad friends Erica and Carolyn were excited to say the least.


As for me, a crepe from the street was precisely what my sweet tooth wanted.

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