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¡Carnaval en Avilés! A City of Foam

Carnaval is a series of festivities that occurs just before Lent. In America, the most commonly known version of Carnaval would be Mardis Gras or Fat Tuesday. Carnaval is a pretty big deal throughout Spain, but some of the most unique celebrations take place in Avilés, a coastal city in Asturias.


Every year, the streets of Avilés are covered in foam, as a tradition to celbrate Carnaval. This day was a bit rainy, but that didn’t stop people from having fun.


These cannons were responsible for spraying foam onto people and into the streets.


People young and old enjoyed frolicking in the foam. Many were completely drenched before too long.


Mike and Shannon were among those who experienced the local custom of fighting with foam.


Street performances, such as music by these drummers, contributed to the festive air of Carnaval.


This year, the Stone Age was the theme for Carnaval in Avilés. This float, and several others, were inspired by the Flinstones.


The Pterodactyl was one of the most impressive floats in the parade.


This rock band was playing in a small plaza on a side street. The music was pretty good, but it didn’t draw as big a crowd as some of the larger stages.


This band in the central plaza performed a series of cover songs, some in Spanish and others in English.


All in all, everyone had a good time playing in the foam and dancing the night away.

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