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Nikko National Park & All-You-Can-Eat Strawberries


As we continued on the journey, we stopped at Nikko National Park: home of the Kegon Falls!


It was foggy and blue, which was perfect for the mountain environment.


It was a bit too foggy to photograph the main waterfall, but there were countless smaller falls down the sides of the cliff. The noise was loud but still very calming.


We continued to brave the fog to arrive at one of the most exciting locations I’ve been to so far: the Nikko Strawberry Park, i.e. all you can eat strawberries for half an hour!


The greenhouse was a surreal blur, they smelled sweet and were comfortably warm.


The berries were beautiful! I was surprised at how sweet they were during the coldest month in Japan.


They gave us these thoughtful containers to carry the berries, along with a bit of sweetened condensed milk. The combination was absolutely perfect.


Kate was definitely in her element. Everyone had huge grins!


Everyone loved the excitement of picking their own strawberries, it was somewhat of a frenzy to scarf down the sweet morsels.


After our long first day, we finally arrived at the onsen (hot spring) hotel. It was beautiful and traditional, and our room offered a lovely view. We went straight into the hot springs to soak after sitting on the bus!

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