Abigail Reimold India Temple Summer

India: falling into a rhythm


Most Temple India students start their day with music and dance classes. Hannah Angle, a junior film major, has decided to purchase a violin during her time here and is learning how to play it through the class.


Temple students Amanda Pheasant and Lydia Hurley learn a traditional Indian dance during their dance class.


India students dance in dance class.


Hannah Angle, blue, and Fran Sergan walk back from their morning class.


Lydia Hurley, a Junior Anthropology major, rides in the back of the van on the way home from music and dance class.


Students return to the palace.


Here’s what our lunch looks like, including mango puree, curried lentils and vegetables, rice and chips.


Amanda Pheasant and Hannah Angle serve themselves lunch in the palace where we eat all of our meals.


Ojesweba, one of our translators, is astounded that year after year Temple students in the program have been known to doodle mustaches on to beautiful girls in the newspaper.


Temple alum Michael Porter spends late afternoon with Amanda Pheasant and Hannah Angle on a balcony in the palace.


Hannah Angle watches the sunset from a balcony in the palace.


Pigeons fly as the sun sets over Dhrangadhra.

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