Elisabeth Shertzer Leipzig Temple Summer

Willkommen in Berlin!


On our second day in Berlin, our third item of the day was a tour through the Reichstag building, home to Germany’s government.


We explored the Holocaust Memorial near the Brandenburger Tor.


Dr. Waskie and Steve on top of the Reichstagsgebäude. The roof offers an incredible view of the entire city.


After dinner on our first day in Berlin, we did a little bit of exploring through the streets near the hostel.


Students take pictures in the parliamentary chamber of the Reichstagsgebäude.



Berlin has an amazing amount of street art and graffiti, as we were quick to find out.


On Monday, after touring museums on the Museumsinsel, we explored Berlin by ourselves. In addition to graffiti, Berlin has many large murals, not unlike Philadelphia. Here, Veronica and Steve take pictures of one.


The Brandenburger Tor, photographed from the roof of the Reichstag building. It was really amazing to be in such a historic city and to finally be able to see up close the buildings and monuments that we’d only ever seen in pictures.


Sunset from a bridge in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood, where we ate dinner on Monday night.


Here we all are on the steps of the Reichstag building.


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