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Cranes: From Paper to Steel



“Elvis” in Yoyogi Park on the weekend. There were so many different groups of people performing – from hip hop dancers to traditional Japanese dancers in kimonos to the group I found most fascinating, the Elvis impersonators!


During the week, we decided to visit Akihabara. Here is Eric Mousin (left, psychology major from the University of Vermont) playing a Virtual Boy at Super Potato as Vince Cline (art major from Thomas More College in Kentucky) watches.


The next day, I went to a restaurant called Gonpachi with my extended family for dinner. This was the restaurant where one of the main scenes from Kill Bill took place.

DSC_8632 copy

Unfortunately, most of the food was seafood which I am allergic to but it surely did look pretty! It was served in miniature boats and wicket baskets.


Afterwards, I came across this crow who actually stole a piece of bread from a child at a nearby bench. These crows are unbelievably evil and loud! Also significantly larger than those in the U.S.


View of Roppongi from a balcony at Ark Hills

DSC_8822 copy


I finally got the change to visit Odaiba, a manmade island famous for its giant Gundam statue and extensive shopping mall.

DSC_8847 copy

I took experimental pictures of the ferris wheel for my Digital Photography class and they turned out pretty disorienting.

image (2)

Between classes, I went to get lunch at a local pasta shop near Temple. A nice old man came by my table and gave me a flower he had made from a pamphlet on his table. I thanked him and then a few minutes later he came back with a toothpick holder. He continued making me origami until I had to leave for class and while we may not speak the same language, I would say that I made a friend.

Screenshot 2014-06-04 07.46.45

To finish off the week, Eric and I decided to try out this drumming game called Taiko. It was super fun and worth the blisters, in my opinion.

image (1)

And the best part of this week is that we both won our first crane game and got adorable giant stuffed bunnies. The secret is that there is a secret to winning each type of crane game. All it takes is watching a stranger play and then doing it for yourself.


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