2014 Summer Delilah Romasanta Temple Rome

Studying design in Rome

Temple Rome offers everyone from art majors to beginners a once in a lifetime chance to study art in Rome. In a place where Bernini sculptures are as common as McDonald’s, Rome is the place to be when studying art. During summer, Temple Rome has a design workshop. In this design class we go on daily excursions to some of the must-see spots in Rome to get inspired and create pieces that reflect our experiences.


Class starts by 8:25 with a critique of what the students have created.


Students go on excursions to places like the Pantheon, and base their designs on the site.


After exploring the site, students take a break by a fountain and take in the beauty of Rome.


Tyler School Professor Dermot Maccormack, co-teaching this design class with fellow Tyler School Professor Paul Sheriff, jokes with students after visiting the Capuchin Crypt.


This design student looks through posters at a street vendor’s stand after class.


The design class visits the Pantheon first. This famous concrete marvel is only a few minutes away from school.


The Professor suggests visiting the church next to the Pantheon, the Basilica Santa Maria di Sopra Minerva—and for good reason; this church houses sculptures, paintings and frescoes from artists such as Bernini and Michelangelo.


Ornately decorated churches such as the Basilica Santa Maria di Sopra Minverva can provide great inspiration for design students.



San Clemente, another site visited by the design class, was built upon two churches before it. The design class visits the current church as well as the excavated levels below it.


Art, such as this ceiling piece in the San Clemente Basilica, are an awe-inspiring site for study abroad students.

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