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Final remarks on the Rome experience

The summer program ended last week with an art show exhibiting everyone’s work.


This Tyler senior displayed some paintings she did around Rome.


This student prepares to bring her work home.


These two girls discuss what they should do for their last night in Rome.


This student takes down his photographs from the exhibit before he leaves.


Graphic design major Cassy looks through student sketchbooks left open on a table.


Six weeks living in Rome was a life changing experience. Making new friends, learning new things, and seeing a new culture is once in a lifetime opportunity of which I encourage everyone to take advantage. Whether going alone or with friends, whether you have traveled before or have not been outside the United States, this experience will change you and help you grow. It will be a moment you will never forget. In these last photos, I share with you some memorable moments and advice:


Try to get up early to check out Rome when it’s less hectic. While you’re at it, grab the best cappuccino you’ll ever have.


Visit other parts of Italy to get a better understanding of Italian culture as a whole. Cinque Terre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is truly beautiful.


If you have to buy souvenirs for women, go to Florence and stop by the San Lorenzo leather market for gifts that will surely please. Don’t forget to stop by Il Duomo while you’re in town.


And, if you are a woman-or if you just like shoes-have some custom made to your feet. Cute custom made sandals can be made in Capri, or if you want to stay local, there are shops in Rome, too.


Enjoy and explore Rome. Fall in love with the city and, if you can, visit again.

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