2016 Summer Temple Summer

First few days in Tokyo

IMG_1591The Tokyo Tower at night. It is easy to see on the way back home.


IMG_3455My home sister Amanda was trying to practice kanji pronunciation in a Japanese bookstore.


IMG_3301 copyThe very first day of school. We were waiting for the orientation.


IMG_3304 copy

People were so excited to explore Tokyo! Emily, Julie, and Amanda were discussing which activity they should attend.


Now I have to take this crowded train every morning as what salarymen do. Like now, I used to take early morning trains(subway) to school when I was in middle school in China. But we did not have a woman-only train at that time as Japan does.


IMG_3331 copy

Students took a tour on campus, and here is the study room.

IMG_3450 copyThe crowd of salary men and women are definitely one of the sights of Tokyo.


FullSizeRender 3 copyA jisou in the chief temple of Jodo-Buddhist (Zojoji).


IMG_3530 copyFinally we had a full view of Tokyo in the Tokyo Tower.


Sinozaki-san and I

My host mother took me to a sushi restaurant. And this is when I noticed that matcha is commonly served in Japan. Thanks Amanda for taking this picture for me.

My host mother made mochi (rice cake) for me this morning. She said this is what they eat during New Year.


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