2016 Summer Joshua Mawhinney Temple Japan

Going to Shinjuku!


Now that I’ve gotten used to living in Tokyo, my friends and I have started to explore more of the city. Lucky for me, I’ve made some friends who really know about the events going on this time of year so that I won’t miss out on anything. For example, last Sunday, I went to my very first Japanese festival in Shinjuku. I knew a little of what to expect by seeing festivals portrayed through anime, but going to see the actual thing was a comIMG_0574pletely different experience. There I ate new, amazing food, saw an interesting shrine, won some cool prizes, and even saw the Sasaki Osamu Band perform Yes Man, a parody of YMCA. It was truly a wonderful night. Going to the stands also gave me a chance to try out my Japanese. It still needs some work, seeing how I accidentally ordered sweet buns instead of a pork bun (they were tasty though). I’ll have plenty of time to improve on that, especially since it seems like Elements I runs at a very quick pace. Thankfully the course hasn’t gotten too difficult yet.


Since my last post, I have also been spending some time with the Video Gamers Club. Surprisingly, the club is about a lot more than just playing video games. Sure, when a large amount of members are together in the club room, everyone gathers around to take turns playing Super SmIMG_0597ash Bros. for the Wii U, but most of the time, the other members play board games or just talk and have a good time. The games played are very interesting, and I doubt any of my friends would know how to play them back home. I’ve been to the club three times so far, and I’ve already learned a few card games and even Mahjong, which always piqued my interest. I’m glad I finally found a group of people who knew the rules to teach me how to play. The Video Gamers Club has been a fun way to pass time, and I already feel like I’m making new friends there.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see much of Shinjuku other than the festival, but I heard it is a great section of the city on its own, so I definitely want to go back there to explore. Luckily, I’ll be able to later this week when I go to the Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition. This is an event that shows the art of Japanese flower arranging. I’m not sure exactly what to expect, but I feel like I’m in for a beautiful display. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures to put in my next blog.  Until then, Sayōnara from Japan!

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  1. What an unbelievable experience. This trip as part of their education they will never forget.

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