2016 Fall Jennifer Phim Korea Temple Exchange

First Week In Seoul

It’s only been a week since I’ve arrived in Seoul and I feel like its been months already. Needless to say, I’m happy I packed a pair of comfortable shoes with me. Because all I did was walk. Literally, I walked everywhere.

After landing and getting settled at Yonsei University and the dorms, my roommate and I went ahead and decided to explore the neighborhood. Apparently, in Korea, the small convenient stores are THE go to places for late night craving and snacks. I was able to grab a big oversized bottle of water and three big bowls of ramen for under $2. And the best part about stopping at these convenient stores is that you can eat your cup of ramen right then and there.

They have hot water dispensers in the store for you to make your ramen and a seating area right outside of the store. This was definitely something new to me. If our convenient stores did this back in the states, wouldn’t it be very nice and convenient.

But aside from the amazing convenient stores, Seoul is the epitome of shops both clothing and food wise. With the amazing transportation system, its so easy to get from one place to another. But be warned, the subway is always crowded. Even at the wake of morning, the train is full of people heading to work or just ready to go out and about.

To have so many places to go within such short distances is surely very new to me. But its also goes to show you how small and compact Seoul is. Even if you don’t know a tiny bit of Korean, the local residents are so nice and are willing to help you if you ask. From what I could tell, Koreans are very shy and won’t approach you first. In fact, they are more scared of speaking English incorrectly and so they choose not to engage at all. But if you’re willing to take that extra step and try to start a conversation, you can really meet amazing and super sweet people along the way.


Overall, the first week of Seoul is surely an experience I will never forget. Aside from the usual tourist attraction, the culture itself is truly one of a kind. Everywhere you turn, there are couples. And you may think that couples in one country is most likely the same in other countries. Well, that’s not the case here in South Korea. Apparently, couple outfits are a big thing here. It’s not everyday you see two young people walking arm in arm matching from head to toe. But I guess its more so towards the younger generation since they pay more attention to the trends happenings nowadays.

Other than that, theres still so much more to do and see around Seoul. With cafes and shops lines up on every street and alley way, South Korea is truly a destination that an traveler should consider coming too. If you don’t want to come for the fashion and clothes, at least come for the amazing young and lively atmosphere! You surely won’t regret it!


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