2016 Fall Tamlyn Kurata Temple Japan

Field Trips and (Educational) Parties?!

One of the newest classes at Temple University is Special Topics: Practical Japanese for the Study Abroad Student. This class not only teaches useful Japanese phrases to students, but also helps to immerse them in the culture through class activities and educational field trips. For this field trip, the class visited Zojo-ji (a Buddhist temple in Shibakoen) and Tokyo Tower.

Before entering a temple or shrine, everybody must cleanse themselves through harae (ritual water cleansing).
The SA Japanese class with a few native-speaking special guests! (Tohru from Temple University, Tom, Fumi, and Kaede)

“But the title mentioned a party?”

Correct! But yet again, not that kind of party.

Kitazono Dormitory, where many of the female students live, hosted an exchange party on Sunday (September 18th). There were some traditional summer festival games, free food, and lots of conversation between all of the tenants!


Nagashi Somen: cold noodles flowing in running water. Part of the challenge is to catch the noodles before they hit the ground.
Temple Student Mari and some of the other tenants celebrate their catch.
One of the dorm staff members helped to make kakigori (shaved ice) for the girls.
Fun games to play for prizes! Like ring toss for candy.
Or yo-yo tsuri for a cool yo-yo water balloon.
Kaya dropped her balloon 😦
One of the tenants, Mai, showed off her grandmother’s yukata.


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