2017 Spring Cian Grourke Lyon Temple Exchange


That Wednesday after Easter, Caitlin, Anna, and I took a midday flight to Dublin. We all booked our flights at different times and sat separate from each other. I fell asleep immediately before we even took off. The flight was less than an hour and I woke up just before we landed. The mist was so thick I couldn’t see the Irish Sea or see any parts of Ireland, and then all of a sudden we ended up on the runway. Just waking up, this was very confusing. After we got all of our stuff together, we went straight to our hostel near the Abby Theatre. We stayed there for a while to rest and prepare for our day. Caitlin had been to Ireland many times before, so she was our tour guide again. She took us to Trinity College, where we saw the Book of Kells and the Library of Trinity College. From there we took a short walk to Saint Stephen’s Green, where beautiful red and yellow flowers were in bloom. We got a traditional Irish dinner and on our walk to the Temple Bar, we saw an Irish dancer dancing on the street. I was overjoyed to see this. I have been Irish dancing for 15 years now and to see this in Dublin just made me overjoyed.

The next morning we got up early. Cait and I went to Dublin Castle, as Anna would be back in Dublin less than two weeks later. We bought our tickets and had about half an hour, so we decided to have a quick look at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. It costs money to enter and we only had about five minutes, so we asked the guards if we could just have a quick look. It was a large cathedral built in the 1100s, with beautiful ornate floors and wooden roofs. After less than five minutes we ran right back to Dublin Castle for our tour. We saw the fortifications of the Castle and its original cornerstone, and traveled through history to the the chapel, and the State Apartments modeled after Versailles. The most inspiring part of the tour was when we went to the hall where Ireland was granted its independence from the United Kingdom in 1919. I felt very proud to be of Irish heritage standing there.


We then went to the hostel and checked out, heading to the car rental place by the airport. I was suppose to drive, but it turned out that I needed to have my license for at least five years, while I only had mine for three and a half. Anna needed to drive since she was almost at five years. I felt really bad, but what were we going to do at that point. It took us about two hours to drive to Galway. We arrived in the early evening and checked into our hostel. We then got a traditional Irish meal and went to a bar for some drinks. We met some local residents there and talked to them about their work in academia. They invited us to go to another bar, where there were three stories each offering different kinds of music. We particularly liked the jazz level on top and decided to stay there.

The next morning, we got up early because we had a lot to do in one day. We first made our way to the Cliffs of Moher and on the way saw Dunguaire Castle on the ocean. It took about an hour and a half to get there. The views were absolutely breathtaking. I was in amazement. It was definitely my favorite part of being in Ireland. A man was playing Irish music there and I decided to start dancing. Some people starting taking videos and pictures. I thought it was hilarious! I’m no professional. After taking in the view, we left in the late afternoon to go to Swinford in County Mayo north of Galway where my family is originally from. We got dinner on the way. When we got to Swinford, I saw a sign that had my family’s last name on it “Groarke”. I got some pictures of it. We then decided to go into Campbell’s bar to ask about my family. When I asked if there were any Groarke’s in the town, they asked which one. Apparently there were over a dozen of my family members still living in the town. I wish we had more time, but it was late at night at that point. We said our goodbyes and headed back to Galway late that night.

That next morning, we woke up early to head back to Dublin. When we returned to Dublin, we saw the statue of their former mayor and walked around a little bit more. That night we went to “The Church” which was an old church where Jonathan Swift worshiped, Georges Frederick Handel played the organ, and where Arthur Guinness was married. I loved the ambiance here. We ate amazing food and had some Irish coffee at the end. After taking a little walk along the river Leffey, we decided to Uber back to our hostel. It was the perfect ending to our trip in Ireland and our spring break.

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