2017 Spring Cian Grourke France Lyon Temple Exchange


On Easter Monday, Anna and I left our hostel in Paris early in the morning. We had to take two metros to get to Charles de Gaulle airport. We were going to Edinburgh to meet my friend Caitlin McGrory who studied a whole year at the University of Edinburgh. We had a 7:10AM flight and made it on time. The flight was smooth and fast, though surprisingly I slept for almost the entire flight. My mistake, I did not tell Cait when we were to arrive until boarding and then she realized how little time she had until we came. She arrived to meet us at the airport, taking a double decker bus to the airport. I thought it was so cool that the city uses these buses throughout the whole city. We took one of these buses and of course I had to sit on the top floor. She took us for a walk and brunch in Old City. We saw Old College, made of beautiful and dark limestone in Georgian style. She took us to the Royal Museum of Scotland, which is free to all visitors. I particularly liked the fashion section that chronologized haute couture fashion of the time from the 18th century to the present. We walked through an old cemetery  and heard bagpipes – it felt so Scottish! I had to go and see the bagpipers up close. I really enjoyed seeing the joy these people had playing the bagpipes and the immense effort and skill needed. After that, we saw the Edinburgh Castle, where we saw panoramic views of the city, including the bay of the North Sea called the Firth of Forth. On our way back, Cait saw a woman with an owl and she told me how much she loved owls. I agreed to take pictures of her with a small female owl. She was in heaven holding and petting this owl. She then took us to Saint Giles’ Cathedral, which was a former Anglican church turned Presbyterian during the time of John Calvin. It reminded me of Anglican churches I saw in the past, but also resembled la Cathedrale Saint-Pierre in Geneva, Switzerland. Inside the cathedral is the meeting space for the Order of the Thistle, a Scottish order of chivalry whose members include the queen, other members of the royal family, and descendants of nobility. In the late afternoon, we took a walk in the Meadows, a large open park comprised of a large green with paths and benches. That night we had dinner and went to a bar to hear live Celtic music.

Our second day in Edinburgh was focused on conquering Arthur’s Seat, the peak of the mountains overlooking Edinburgh. We walked by Hollyrood Palace on the way where the queen stays on our trips to Scotland. The hike was very exhausting, but the views from the top of Arthur’s Seat were stunning. We could see the entire city and surrounding areas, including the Firth of Forth and the seaside towns like Portobello which we would visit later that afternoon. On our descent we stopped by Duddingston Loch where birds of all kinds dominated the area: geese, ducks, swans, and seagulls. We then took a quick stop at Scotland’s Parliament building. The parliament was in session so we weren’t able to see the chamber where they meet, but nonetheless it was neat to see where Nicola Sturgeon and other MPs meet day in and day out. For lunch, we ate at the Canon’s Gate Restaurant, where I ate fish and chips and Elderflower Liquer, which is particular to Scotland. From there, my goal was fulfilled when we took a bus to Portobello. I told my friend Caitlin that my special request for this trip was to see a beach in Scotland. As I fulfilled her request to see the French Alps when she visited me in Lyon just two weeks before. Portobello is just a twenty minute bus ride. It is a small Victorian seaside town. Seeing the ocean had such a calming effect on me and put me in a joyous mood. We took a walk near the water and down the beach, until we found a restaurant where we wanted to get some drinks and appetizers. It was such a great experience to sit there and see the beach while eating nachos and talking about our experiences. We took the bus back to Edinburgh and saw the city at night from Calton Hill. Our trip to Scotland was almost over and I commend Caitlin for being such a great host. The next day would be our flight to Dublin.

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