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The week of orientations at Temple Rome had concluded, and students were preparing for their first week of courses. In the Temple Rome Study Abroad Program, there are a huge variety of courses. The courses range from Psychology to Art to International Business. As for myself, I am taking the following courses; Developmental Psychology, Italian 1, Rome Sketchbook, and Intaglio Printmaking.


In comparison to Temple Japan, the Rome campus is bigger and fancier. The architecture is unique and the interior design promotes productivity. Around the campus, there is a long river that runs through a vast, ravishing bridge (photo above). The area around our campus, known as Flaminio contains an astonishing amount of artistic inspiration; including the obelisk and churches near the Piazza del Popolo. If you are an art student, you will feel lucky to be placed in such an extravagant area.

Taking Courses at Temple Rome

Considering the newly installed facility for courses and seminars, there will be a wide variety of classrooms that you’ll be taking your courses. Most of the Psychology courses are taught by our campus counsellor. She is an extremely intelligent woman who intensifies your knowledge capacity through her courses.


The Rome sketchbook course is taught outside with sufficient opportunities to enhance your drawing abilities. We roam around the campus to seek appealing scenery and stay for a few hours to sketch and accurately capture that beauty. The professor designs the course schedule with articulation, so that with every class we’ll achieve new drawing skills. Above are some photos of scenery we were introduced to last week.

Intaglio Printmaking is taught by an experienced printmaker who teaches the course with care and sophistication. Additionally, he will adjust to your pace and expertise to assist with advancing each student’s printmaking abilities. The sizeable studio containing plenty of printing instruments is also an amazing feature of the course.

Italian courses are a requirement for all students studying abroad through Temple Rome. The courses are taught by kind professors whose main goal is to help you excel in Italian. Although initially being incapable of even saying “hello” in Italian, through two weeks of courses I have learned a prominent batch of Italian phrases and words. At the moment, I could step into a cafe and make orders in Italian. I should be fluent in Italian by the time the semester ends (hopefully..).

Most Admirable Feature of Studying Abroad

The most admirable trait of studying abroad through the Temple program are the courses. Considering the overcrowded environment that students are commonly placed in huge colleges, both Temple Rome and Temple Japan offer smaller classes. Speaking from experiencing an art school packed with people, the calm atmosphere of a smaller class offers a much better learning experience.

For example, the Intaglio Printmaking course has around six students. Since the advancement levels of each student is distinctive, we could collectively influence and motivate one another with more ease. There is also the advantage of forming a closer relationship with the professor. These features definitely contribute to expanding our artistic skill and knowledge. The Developmental Psychology course is similar in that manner containing only eight students.

Especially if you are an art student, you’ll be situating yourself in the best environment possible to expand your artistic skill set. The Temple study abroad program offers an intensive semester where you’ll be able to fully maximise your artistic capabilities. If you are not an art student, you will still enjoy the smaller courses offered in your favour.

Thank you for reading until the end. CIAO!

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