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Surviving Exams

Survival Guide for Exams Week (Rome)

Temple Rome’s exam week for Fall 2017 is from October 9th to October 13th. During the week prior to the exams, students shove their faces into their textbooks and anxiously await their fate. The anticipation leaves students frail and afraid of even seeing the word “EXAM” in any circumstance. An immensely gloomy atmosphere surrounds our residence and school, night and day.

While not as ridiculously dramatic as I have portrayed above, it doesn’t change the student’s stress felt all throughout the week. In the circumstances of surviving stress from exams in a foreign country might appear difficult and almost impossible. If you attend Temple Rome, take some advice on surviving your exams week in Rome.


Studying effectively requires a fit environment that entices you to fully focus on your exam materials. Living in a room with other people or home staying could establish an inadequate studying environment. If you feel that you are lacking a necessary space to study, please consider some of the locations mentioned here.

1.) Courtyard, Garden, or Roof in the Residence


Within the residence, there are two perfect locations to study for exams. One is the courtyard which is located in the hallway past the stairs for the number 4 building. It consists of clean benches and chairs with beautiful lighting. While residents pass through the courtyard often, the space is huge enough to not feel disturbed.


Another place to study within the residence is the garden, located at the end of the parking lot. There’s an outlet to charge your laptop or cellphones while you study, it’s very quiet and calm, and hardly anyone passes by. A downside to this location is the amount of bugs, but if you take precautions it’ll assist with focusing on work.

The last location to study within the residence is the roof. Simply take the elevator to the 5th floor in the number four building. It is a spacious place that would surely motivate your desire to study.

2.) Library/Computer Lab in the School

If you plan to study for an exam, why not study at the exact location in which you’ll be taking that exam? Both, the library and the computer lab are excellent study locations in Temple Rome. The internet is ecstatically fast and printers, scanners, and books are available at any time of the day. Especially on the weekends, the school is practically empty. So, it’s a perfect time to gather your things, get on the bus, and study at school.

3.) Cafes

Quite obviously, cafes have been a popular location for studying. In Rome, there are a substantial amount of cafes that remain quiet and are open until late. Upon just paying a Euro for a cappuccino, you could stay and study for your exams for hours. Plus, it’ll be a nice caffeine boost.


In many instances, after excessive study sessions you’ll feel extremely hungry. Whether it’s a side effect from the coffee or you used up all of your calories through your brain, you’ll be alright in Rome. There are numerous markets around Rome supplying food, snacks, and drinks. Though, the most prominent option might be the 24-hour supermarket located 6 to 7 minutes away by foot from the residence. Personally, I take myself to the 24 hour supermarket when it’s late at night and buy myself a pork chop to cook in my room.

If you are after ready-made food, you might want to consider the 24-hour Panini shop located near the Vatican. They have around 50 choices of Panini and taste extremely delicious.

The next time you are stuck with a ton of exam studying, you might want to consider some of these advices!




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