2017 Fall Kaia Bentsen Temple Japan

Week Six- Izu Islands

TUJ offers several school trips and excursions throughout the semester, so this past weekend I went on a trip through the school to the beautiful Izu Islands!

A beach on Shikine-jima island.
Adam at a natural hot spring on Shikine-jima Island!
A beach on Nii-jima Island.
The “Greek-inspired” onsen (hot spring) on Nii-jima Island.
Friends relaxing in the onsen, which is one of the few natural hot springs directly on the ocean!
View over Nii-jima Island from the top of the onsen.
One of the many Moyai statues on Nii-jima Island.
We stayed in hostels on both of the islands, and at the hostel on Nii-jima, we ate a 2.5 hour BBQ dinner, with some of the best meat, seafood, rice, and vegetables I’ve ever had!
Adam and Alexa at a traditional Japanese breakfast, where you sit on the floor.
A view of the Tokyo Skyline from the ferry ride home.

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