2017 Fall Temple Rome Temple Semester Tyler Valera

Italian Craft Beer Tasting

You have all heard about Italian wines and their infamous glory, but did you know about the Italy’s growing craft beer empires? You may say, “No way. Italy is only good for its grapes”, but you would be very wrong. That’s right, Italy not only makes great wine but also delicious, innovative, and adventurous beers. Although a late-comer to the worldwide beer market, Italy has been carving out a place for itself on the grand stage as one of the most innovating and funky beer makers in the world. I would have never known about this growing craze in Italian beer, had it not been for an event held at Temple Rome this past week. This semester at Temple Rome marked the first campus event of Italian Craft Beer Tasting.



Our campus at Temple Rome has always done a spectacular job at organizing cultural events and gatherings, but never before have they hosted an event solely on enjoyed and learning about beer making. Leading this discussion and sampling of five different Italian beers was one of Residence Candia’s RA’s Rosie! Rosie took her passion for beer and brewing and shared her wisdom with the event’s participants, opening our eyes to the wonders of this hidden gem of Italy. She led the group of Temple students through how to sample beers and analyze their flavors, but also taught us about the brewing process of beer and the history of the craft. Walking in to this event, I wasn’t expecting to learn so much about brewing, chemistry, and history, but Rosie made everything very exciting. I also wasn’t anticipating how enthralled I would become with the subject, but here I am, now conversing with Rosie constantly with where to find the best craft beers in Rome.

I know it can be overwhelming when Temple Rome tells you about all these events that you can go to and all the opportunities you can take part in, but it is worth experimenting with. You may find that the experience is more enriching and interesting than you originally thought possible. I definitely surprised myself!

Now you may be asking yourself why I am spending so much time focusing on Beer (like really Tyler, who cares about this stuff), but I found that this event represented so much more than just tasting beers. I was so excited about this event for many reasons: 1- I have felt like the only person who preferred beer to wine in all of Italy, but I was happy to hear that I was not alone in my preferences, and 2- this event was a good way for me to experiment with new cultural aspects without feeling a lot of pressure. Temple wants to give you the opportunity to try new things, but they also provide a relaxing atmosphere, where you feel like you can ask “dumb questions”, to get them out of your system before embarking on the rest of Rome.

This Italian Beer tasting is just one out of the many events that Temple has offered throughout the semester, and they really try to make sure that the events are diverse. There is something for everyone to enjoy; whether it is playing calcetto on Wednesday nights, yoga to destress from classes, salsa lessons, Italian wine tasting, going to an actually Roma calcio game at Stadio Olympico, or taking cooking lessons from Italian chefs. Our Rome Staff makes it easy, affordable, and enjoyable to get a little taste of Italian culture that you can take with you for the rest of your life. These small events are definitely worth it, as you can make even more connections with your classmates while you traverse the new world that is Roma.

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