2018 Spring Kayla Amador Temple Japan Temple Semester

Week 11: Nara

SP18101_Nara_Nara Tourist Infromation Center_KaylaAmador
Nara Tourist Information Center
SP18102_Nara_Deer Walking the Streets of Nara Park_KaylaAmador
Deer Walking the Streets of Nara Park
SP18103_Nara_Students interact with deer_KaylaAmador
Students Interact with Deer
SP18104_Nara_Deer in Nara Park_KaylaAmador
Deer in Nara Park
SP18105_Nara_Students Feeding Deer_KaylaAmador
Students Feeding Deer
SP18106_Nara_Himuro Shrine_KaylaAmador
Himuro Shrine
SP18107_Nara_Path to Todai-ji_KaylaAmador
Path to Todai-ji Temple
SP18108_Nara_Nara Deer-Themed Souvenirs_KaylaAmador
Nara Deer-Themed Souvenirs
SP18109_Nara_Nandaimon -Entrance to Todai-ji Temple_KaylaAmador
Nandaimon: Entrance to Todai-ji Temple
SP18110_Nara_For Dinner, Ochazuke - Tea on Rice_KaylaAmador
For Dinner, Ochazuke: Tea on Rice

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