2018 Spring Nina De Vitry Temple in Spain Temple Semester

A Week of Workshops

This past week, La Casa de Las Lenguas (the part of the University of Oviedo where we take all of our classes) offered an exciting opportunity. For one week the school’s schedule paused, and instead of attending normal classes, each student got to sign up for 2 different cultural workshops or “talleres.” The workshops met every single day throughout the week, and on Friday we all convened to celebrate and share what we had learned.

I’m a pretty indecisive person, so I had a lot of trouble choosing from the wide array of workshops that was being offered. There was something for everyone: a dance workshop for those looking for more movement and music, a cooking workshop for the culinary experts, a botany workshop for the nature enthusiasts, a photography workshop for the, well, photographers, and a handful of more academic workshops like “micro-story” writing. They even offered a workshop that helps prepare students for the DELE exam, which is an official exam that can be taken to certify your level of Spanish proficiency.

In the end, I chose the dance workshop and the DELE preparation workshop. I’m pretty sure I would have had a great time with whatever workshops I chose, but in the end I was very happy with my decision!

The DELE workshop was every morning from 9:30 to 11:30. The professor gave us valuable information on how the DELE exam is run, and we practiced our speaking and pronunciation techniques through a variety of activities. One of the most helpful things we did was watch a video of someone who had previously passed the DELE exam. This gave me an idea of where my level was in terms of the exam, and helped me realize that I would definitely like to sign up to take it at some point. We also played plenty of games, including racing while saying tongue twisters and practicing making up hilarious stories on our feet with only a picture or a few guide words to go off of. Although the basis of the workshop was academic, the professor and her two class assistants still managed to make it extremely interactive and fun!

A morning in the “Dale al DELE” class
Our “Dale al DELE” Professor & her two assistants!


And now for the dance workshop: there were two different sections, and mine met every day from 1-2 PM. We spent the week learning steps for Bachata and Merengue (2 dances that actually come Latin America, not Spain!), and I had a blast every “step” of the way 🙂

Partnering up in dance class!
Matt and Lucy learning new dance moves

After a super enjoyable week of DELE preparation and dancing, I couldn’t wait to see what my other classmates had been up to in their workshops. If I couldn’t sign up for all the workshops, at least I could live vicariously through my friends when seeing their presentations on Friday!

The presentation from the Botany workshop

When Friday arrived, we got to spend about 2 hours taking turns to share our experiences. Each workshop presented something from their week, ranging from a read-aloud from the short story group to some delicious treat tasting with the cooking group! A few pairs from our dance workshop even got to get up and present the special routine we had learned…

4 pairs from the dance workshop showing off their moves on Friday!

This week we’re back to our normal class schedule, but having a week of talleres through La Casa de Las Lenguas was definitely an unforgettable experience!

Til next time : -)

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