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My Top Favorite U.K. Adventures

I’ve been to several cities across the U.K. these past five months, whether as a day trip or an entire week’s stay. Reflecting back on my various trips across England, there were several instances where I left a particular place feeling like I would certainly come back one day and feel right at home. It’s true that there were many places I’m content to say I’ve been only once, and were no less gratifying as experiences, but there are so many others that will undoubtedly pull me back into England at some point in my future.

The city that most strongly has this effect on me, outside of Norwich, is definitely Liverpool. As I wrote about last month, my spring break was spent visiting the cities where some of my favorite music was born. Liverpool was my most important stop in this respect. Though I was traveled there completely alone, it only took me a few hours to feel right like a part of a community, meeting people from around the world that were as big of fans as me, helping me– a Cavern Club novice– sneak my way up to the very front row. This past week I found time between packing and studying for my final exam to spend a couple days back in the home of the “Merseybeat,” where I met up with familiar faces from my previous trip.

Hanging out with the most famous Liverpudlians outside the Royal Liver Building. It’s a “Grade 1” listed building, which means it is of special architectural or historical significance.

One day trip to the White Cliffs of Dover and Canterbury has been another highlight of my travels in the U.K., despite the brevity of the trip. I could have spent hours lying between the wildflowers, looking out across the English Channel to where Dunkirk, France lies on the other side, thinking of the incredible history that’s taken place here. The vista of brilliant white cliffs against the bright blue of the the Channel (much bluer than the North Sea!) was a view unlike any I had seen before–though familiar in its ability to bring me so much joy. The second half of the day was spent in Canterbury, and I can say today that only a couple of hours in Canterbury was not enough to take in all of the history the town has to offer. Like Norwich, the streets and buildings are largely unchanged from what they were during the medieval period, and it is a “cathedral city” as well. The cathedral holds some of the most well-preserved art and architecture that I’ve seen in any cathedral I’ve been to in England.

“There’ll be bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover”– this song by Vera Lynn during World War II was always in my head during my trip to the famous shores that welcomed home thousands of soldiers from Dunkirk.

These are just a few examples of the many wonderful experiences I’ve had across this country in the short amount of time that I’ve been here. There’s still some time to go, and I’ll be using it to take in as much as I can of Norwich before I leave on the 13th for London, the city that I’d be most inclined to live in one day if I were I to return to England!

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