2018 Summer External Programs Ireland Nhi Nguyen UCD, Dublin

Vlog 2: Fascinating Culture | Incredible Cuisine |Cool Colleagues

Dia dhuit everyone! (It’s “hello” in Irish language!)

I can’t believe I have been in Ireland for almost a month, which also means that I am HALF way through my summer internship. Isn’t it crazy?

Over the past few weeks, I visited some cool places in Dublin and learned about the history of Ireland. My friends and I also took a school trip, which UCD kindly organized for us, and visited a traditional Irish farm. We learned how to make Irish soda bread (it was delicious!) and tried to learn some Irish traditional dancing moves. Looking back, I think going on a school trip is a ton of fun. I got to be more involved in Irish cultures, and I shared special memories with my friends on the trip, especially the bog jumping part which I laughed at my friends when they all got mud on their faces.

At my internship, I became friends with Josie, the other intern at Nova UCD, and I enjoy listening to her stories every time we have lunch together. I really like what I am doing so far. I learned newfound knowledge and had an opportunity to test out the skills I developed through classes at Temple. I also learned to make my own decisions and work independently with little guidance, which will greatly benefit me in my future.

In this vlog, I have invited some of my friends to share their stories about their internships, as I think this will give you a better overview of the business and working environment in Ireland!

My second vlog is below. Check it out and feel free to send me an email at nhi@temple.edu if you have any questions.

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