2018 Summer External Programs Ireland Nhi Nguyen UCD, Dublin

Vlog 4: Reflecting on my internship and some travel tips for Dublin

Well hello,

While I’m writing this post, I’m sitting in my apartment, sipping my morning tea, and reminiscing about my summer abroad.


My summer has officially come to an end. Looking back, I have grown a whole lot, both professionally and personally.

Through my classes, I learned about the impact of Europe Union on Ireland’s cross border trade and investment strategies. I applied sustainability frameworks from my Business & Global Development course to solve the gender inequality gap in Nigeria and give solutions to boost profitability for tech startups in African countries. Through my internship, I got to learn and apply business tools to practical situations. For example, I conducted in-depth market research on the marathon industry, created a business plan and marketing campaign for a research group, Pace-Man, and helped them tailor their network to prospective customers.

While I was there, I got to make friends with people coming from all over the globe. We shared stories and learned from one another. During eight weeks in Ireland, I have increased my adaptability, expanded my cultural awareness, and taken one step closer to become a global citizen.

Yes, I came to Ireland with two suitcases of clothes, 10 packs of instant ramen (to make sure I survive the first few days), and a camera (for these vlogs, of course!); and I returned home with numerous suitcases of knowledge, friendship, memories, and love.

To sum up my summer in one sentence:


thank you for making this not a GOODBYE, but rather, a SEE YOU AGAIN!  

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